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 Listed below is our full line of deli products, fresh cheeses and lunch meats delivered to us weekly from Ohio's Amish Country.  We know deli cheeses and lunch meats can be expensive, so we do our best to keep our prices as low as possible.  

Better quality and better savings combined!

Our deli
Locally made beefsticks
Holmes County Ohio Specialties
Deli salads
Cheese Spreads
Smoked Cheeses

Cheese List

American Cheese

Blue Cheese

Butter Cheese

Colby Mini Horn

Colby Jack Mini Horn

Cheddar - mild

Farmer's Mini Horn

Garlic Roasted

Habanero Jalapeno Cheddar

Hickory Smoked Cheddar

Hickory Smoked Hot Pepper

Hickory Smoked Swiss

Hickory Smoked Horseradish

Horseradish Cheese

Hot Pepper

Marble Pepper Jack



New York Sharp Cheddar

(yellow or white)

Pepper Jack

Pepperoni Cheese


Smoked Bacon Black Pepper

Swiss - Baby

Swiss - Lacey

Swiss - Mild

Swiss - Sharp

Vegetable Yogurt

Wisconsin Brick


Lunch Meats

Dutch Loaf

Hard Salami

Lebanon Bologna


Pepperoni Sandwich Size

Roast Beef

Sugardale Bologna

Troyer's Trail Bologna Rings

Troyer's Trail Bologna Sandwich Size

Turkey Breast

~oven roasted~


~low sodium~

Virginia Baked Ham



Chopped Ham

Cheese Spreads

Cheddar Spread

Pimento Spread

Swiss Almond Spread


Potato Salad

Macaroni Salad

Pasta Salad

Chicken Salad

Ham Salad

Meat and Cheese Trays

Our meat and cheese trays come with your choice of 5 meats or cheeses, or a combination of both.  We make them cubed for snacking or sliced for sandwiches.

Please call 1 day in advance to order.

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